Living Skin Tattoo Site Design

Click the images to open larger views. Click once more on them and they will expand further.

A few things about this design:

At the top of the page I want to showcase the art that you and your artists create but in a unique way. The idea is that 3-5 images will fade in and out of the arm, leg, chest, back, etc but laying in a horizontal format creating a landscape with the negative space behind the work.

The second row will be the artists in your shop. They will be able to control their profile image and background (Featured) image for their profile that shows on the site. This will easily scale to the number of artists you have.

The lower part of the page consists of a row that will show inside your studio and text to tell the short version of your story. We can have key highlights that reinforce why visitors should come to Living Skin.

Below that will be the reviews feed from Facebook and Google. This automatically updates and we will set it to show only reviews 3 or 4 stars and up depending on what you want.

And finally, the Instagram wall to keep content fresh on the home page.