Salgado Thomas PA Site Design

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A few things about this design:

I wanted to create a very professional home page that sums up your practice in one visit. The orange bar running down through the page ties the top of the site all the way to the bottom and really establishes brand element design that I envision will flow over in to all of your branding materials.

* I am sure the team photo has some incorrect people so please just understand that the idea is to show your current team.

The photo in the header is of St Pete, but primarily I want to show a bit of your practice’s culture. Water, sunshine and big business.

For this first version of the website, the services will not have individual pages so the service titles will not have the button icon on to the right of them but once we can expand on the site, those will be links to the practice area pages.

On scroll, the logo will change to full color and shrink. The whole navigation bar will stick to the top of the page so the user can easily navigate the site even as they scroll down the page.

The lower part of the page will consist of a testimonial that loads a new quote each time you visit the page.

The section that shows “innovation” will be an animated design element that adds subtle movement to the page. It will slowly scroll to the left and will behave differently as the user scrolls. It is easy to change the word so let me know if something works better for you.