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Google Ads | Broad Reach, Targeted Actions

With highly optimized advertising accounts, Roundbox marketing team is able to effectively build business audiences that lead to valuable conversions. From building Brand Awarness to Increasing Sales our diverse Ad Campaign strategies can help you reach your goals.

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Bridging the gap between you and your audience

Each marketing campaign is designed to effectively reach the goals of your business. By leveraging tools like Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console our team is able to narrow down your targeted audience to maximize the actions that matter to you.

Our simple but complete pricing plans allow for your ad budget to be spent effectively from cost of advertising to ad management.

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Building Ads That Convert

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Remarketing advertisements are a powerful way of reminding your potential customers that your product or service is still available and ready when they are. Remarketing involves recording when a user visits your website, then displaying advertisements to them more regularly.

Remarketing Advertisements are great at bringing potential customers back to your site to follow through with either a contact or sale.

Google Adwords Campaign

Account Setup
Keyword Research
Campaign Setup with 2 Market / Service Areas
($50 For Each Additional)

(2 Market / Service Areas – $75/mo for each additional)
Adwords Maintenance
Modifications to Keywords

$250/mo – Per Market / Service Area
Adwords Recommended Monthly Spend

Retargeting Campaign

Account Setup
Keyword Research,
Campaign Setup
Ad Creation

Adwords Maintenance
Keyword Modifications

$250/mo – Per Market / Service Area
Adwords Recommended Monthly Spend

The following activities are performed each week:

– Research and add negative keyword filters in order to eliminate non-effective traffic
– Research and add new key phrases to drive appropriate traffic
– Revise lowest performing ad to increase ad performance
– Evaluate bids and modify accordingly to increase cost effectiveness
– Filter out duplicate key phrases across campaigns to increase appropriate traffic
– Monitoring and adjusting daily PPC spend to stay within clients’ set budget

Creating and sending monthly reports

It is important to know that the absence of these monitoring activities would result in higher cost per click and lower ROI. Having this monitoring service for your clients ensures that they get the best results for their Adwords campaign. Blindly following Google’s recommendations will quickly have the campaigns budget out of control.

* Prices vary due to Ad performance within the month.
** Ad Campaigns and Ad Groups may be equal to or less than the number provided in the plan based on Ad Goals and Performance Strategies.

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